Ella is advanced AI, designed to help you support kids.

How it works

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Create profile

Customize stories with a profile including name, age, likeness, and a favorite theme.

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Write story title

Create stories in seconds by writing a title, like "first day of school" or "what is stealing".

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Review stories

Build a library of stories that are ready to show on any device, anytime you need them.

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Ella is your storytelling sidekick

Ella makes stories centered around your child that teach social skills, answer questions, and preview unfamiliar situations. With Ella, quickly build a customized library of short and direct stories tailored to your kid's unique needs and interests.

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Ella in action

Ella is for everyone who supports kids

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Use stories to prepare for change, teach skills, and answer questions.

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Create captivating and specific social stories in seconds.

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Create short stories that engage kids and encourage dialogue.

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