Create stories as unique as your kids

Ella helps prepare kids for new adventures, teach skills, and establish routines using engaging personalized stories.

Prepare for new situations

New situations, like flying, medical check-ups, or new places, can create unease. Be prepared by offering kids previews through simple stories and compelling visuals.

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Image of girl holding suitcase at airport
Image of boy holding a box with a house drawn on it

Help ease change

Transitions can be challenging, especially when routines are disrupted. Help kids adapt with personalized narratives tailored for the situation.

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Teach everyday skills

Common sense comes with experience and everyone develops at their own pace. Help kids learn what to do in the moment with stories on-demand.

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A baby walking in kitchen gesturing towards the floor
A couple holding hands

Answer questions

Kids are curious about both simple and complex topics. Feed their curiosity with fully editable, engaging answers in a concise story form.

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Ella is for everyone who supports kids

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Use stories to prepare for change, teach skills, and answer questions.

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Create captivating and specific social stories in seconds.

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Create short stories that engage kids and encourage dialogue.

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