Accelerate learning effortlessly

Ella enables educators to create engaging, personalized resources that help students thrive.

Screenshot of Ella web interface

Focus on teaching, not searching for resources

Ella saves hours each week by creating student-centered resources for you.

Tailored stories in a minute

Create multilingual social narratives quickly to support students in learning new skills, preparing for changes, and addressing challenging behaviors.

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A story created by the Ella app about taking turns with others in class
Example of a visual schedule created using the Ella application.

Visualize routines in a snap

Reinforcing routines can be a chore. Ella creates simple and effective visual schedules using just a title, eliminating the need for stock photo or clip art.

See visual schedule

Picture cards on-demand

Create custom picture cards for students, based on any theme or lesson, in virtually any style.

A graphic representing how Ella enables sharing of resources between teachers, parents, therapists, and counselors

Seamlessly share resources

Share a consistently tailored set of resources across the entire team, both in and out of the classroom.

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Ella creates learning resources for kids

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